What are you doing to protect your assets?

Life's too short to worry about market setbacks.

Our strategic partnerships and advanced technologies have dropped the barriers for average investors and now allow us to bring the help to where it is most needed: in the markets where most day-to-day Americans live. 

Through the partnerships at Global View Capital, we’re able to serve as the expert between the third-party management firms and our clients. 

Our Fiduciary responsibility will always be to our clients first and will look out for their best interests not just today, but as we move toward their future financial and retirement goals.

This chart illustrates the concept of hiring a Tactical Manager, wherein we simply applied the long-term trend signals of AdvisorGuide - a research firm that specializes in providing daily, objective market insight to investment professionals - to show that during certain periods, especially during times of severe market declines, a portfolio may warrant a "Defensive move". In this case, the chart shows the portfolio being invested in Treasuries during those down periods. 

So, how does a Tactical Manager help?

Avoiding large market downturns can make a significant difference in protecting your hard earned money. We want to make sure there's a process in place for when things don't go as planned.

The next two charts show the Power of Compound Interest, followed by how significantly your nest egg can be impacted even if your portfolio achieved the same returns in all years EXCEPT that once in every 12 years there's a 50% loss. 

Note the HUGE difference in each of the ending balances in the same time frame

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

What's the main lesson?

While you can't control the market, you can hire a tactical manager to help protect your hard earned money.