David Hessel

David Hessel

Financial Planner

The basics,

Hi, my name is David. I’m an Independent Financial Planner affiliated with Global View Capital Advisors. I graduated from Marquette University, in Milwaukee Wisconsin with a B.S. Degree in Finance. I hold the following licenses and designations;

- The Series 66 License | Investment Management
- Life & Health Insurance Licenses
- CLTC® | Certification in Long-Term Care
- CSLP® | Certified Student Loan Professional

I work with my wife, Gina and our mission is to help people make good financial decisions so they can live a less stressful and more fulfilling life. We do this by serving clients all around the country and take a holistic approach to financial planning.

At Global View Capital we have numerous relationships across the investment and insurance industry. This allows us to provide unique, unbiased solutions for every family we work with. The Fiduciary standard is at our core and the best interest of the client will always be the reason for any recommendation.

I’m a family guy, love being in nature and strive to make the world a better place.


Why Global View Capital?

My career in the financial industry began in 2013, at a large insurance company. Throughout my time there, I worked alongside a few different financial advisors who focused on helping clients entering retirement. My 5 years there were very valuable, but I wasn’t surrounded by people with the right ethics.

Have you ever heard of the term Fiduciary? It simply means as a financial advisor you, by law, act in the best interest of your client. Now, I think this should be mandatory for every financial advisor, but unfortunately that’s not the case. As I alluded to earlier, when Gina and I started in this industry, this was not common practice at the insurance company we were at. Seeing the lack of unbiased advice quickly led me to search for the right place for us and our clients.

After a few months of interviewing firms, we became a part of the Global View Capital family; where the Fiduciary standard is the only standard. I feel serving my clients at the holistic level is the only way to truly give them peace of mind about their finances. The thing I love talking about most with my clients is: How do you minimize financial stress and live a fulfilling life today, while maximizing your efforts to reach financial independence?

The fun stuff,

My favorite thing to do is explore new places with Gina; we enjoy sightseeing and being active in nature as well as hanging out at home with our Bengal cats. I love to snowboard in the winter and play golf, basketball and soccer during the warmer seasons. We also find it incredibly important to support various charities and local Wisconsin businesses to help improve the place we live and love. Faith in God plays a key role and serves as a moral foundation in both of our lives. We share the same values of continued learning, constant growth, mentoring others, and playing our part in building a sustainable Earth for all generations to come.